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Church Life: January 2015

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If you have ever traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico, you might know Zozobra. Zozobra is “Old Man Gloom” and every year a giant marionette effigy is built and burned (by the Kiwanas who now carry on the tradition) as part of Fiestas de Santa Fe. The idea is that Zozobra embodies gloom, anguish and anxiety, and by burning him the people destroy the worries and troubles of the previous year in flames. Those who have excess gloom are invited to write it down on paper and place it in the “gloom box” at the local newspaper office. Many people put legal papers in the gloom box. All the papers in the gloom box then get burned with Zozobra.

What I appreciate about Zozobra is that it is a ritual that invites people to symbolically let go of the previous year’s troubles. Rituals are important for us as humans as they cross thresholds in their lives, and other times as well. Unfortunately, somewhere in the history of Christianity the value of ritual got diminished, if not erased. We still have rituals in the Christian tradition: communion, baptism, passing the peace, lighting candles, only we don’t think of them as rituals.

Church Life: December 2014

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Review Summary for A Play in a Manger

Yep, it’s a Christmas play about a Christmas play! The town of Centerton is celebrating the 50th year of their Christmas play, and they are determined to make it bigger and better than ever. They are even bringing in a big-wig director who is originally from their town. The community is buzzing with energy in their preparations. What will make the manger marvelous, the stable spectacular, the story oh-so-stunning?—The camels? The flying angels? The pyrotechnics?! You come and see for yourself!

The pieces fit together so well. The casting is superb; your heart will smile at the range of characters—from those involved in Centerton’s play, to the community leaders and the media coverage of the play! The music is fun and heartwarming. With David Ruby directing, Primo Cervantes on piano, and members of the FCCO Band accompanying the lovely voices of First Christian Church of Orange youth and children, they bring the music in bigger and better fashion. Most importantly, you will be reminded, in the midst of your own holiday hoopla, what is at the heart of the story of Christmas.

Church Life: November 2014

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Every week in worship I get to hear one more reason to become a member of First Christian Church of Orange. I never cease to be amazed by the stories that are told and the lives that have been touched by this congregation. A couple of Sundays ago, Wendy Chieffo gave an invitation to membership that made me want to walk up front and join. I asked her if I could share her invitation because it is a great resource for sharing FCCO with others. Thanks, Wendy!

Church Life: September 2014

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In February of this year a Journey Team was formed and committed to the work of congregational transformation with the assistance of our general church unit, Hope Partnership. The purpose of the Journey Team is to lead the congregation in radical, thoughtful, transformation. The Journey Team is now at a point in the process where we are ready to engage the entire congregation in a conversation about the future of FCCO using a method that honors the contributions of all. It’s not a survey. It’s not listening groups. It’s not a lecture. It is not a plan waiting for a rubber stamp. It is a facilitated conversation.
Please plan to stay at church following worship on October 12 so we can involve as many people as we can in this important conversation. I won’t promise you that we will emerge with a five year plan neatly tied with a bow. It’s not that kind of process. What I can say is that the energy and passion generated by radical, thoughtful, transformation is exciting and stimulating. You might just discover that God is calling you to a particular ministry within the church or outside the church. Please come! October 12 after worship.

Church Life: August 2014

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Dance the night away… or listen to the music and enjoy the party! On Sunday, September 14, at 5:30 p.m. we’re kicking off the fall season with a Dance Party, so Kick Off Your Shoes! Along with a fun time for all ages, we’re making our big push for our Soul Full project to collect new and gently used shoes. Bring a pair (or two… or more) of shoes to donate. We’ll have Soho Truck (tacos) and Dogzilla (hot dogs and killer fries) for your dinner and a surprise truck for dessert. Bring your beach chair or a blanket to sit on the grass. We’ll dance on the courtyard and the grass to the music provided by our DJ, Robbie Arevelos!

Don’t dance? No worries! You can hang with Pastor Dayna and others who much prefer to watch and enjoy the music, or there might even be a “lesson” or two on different dance styles, like line dancing. Just come and have fun!

Church Life: July 2014

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Invite your friends! Invite your neighbors! Invite your barista, your barber, your babysitter, and your boss! We know you’ll want to be here, and we want the whole Orange community (and beyond) to be a part of it, too.

Great music by the FCCO band, Ross Harper and his Caribbean steel drums, and our own Comfort Food (the Ruby family)! A bounce house and crafts for the kids, and The Grilled Cheese Truck and Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice for dinner & dessert! YUM!

We’re inviting everyone to come enjoy a summer evening outside! The only program is music, food, fellowship and FUN! We want folks to come hang out with us!

Church Life: June 2014

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Saturday, July 12
7:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Come help build a home in Santa Ana!

Limited spaces available (10)! Contact Pastor Michelle ASAP to sign up!

Know a young adult who may be interested? Pass along the word.

Church Life: May 2014

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Sunday, June 8th – Wear RED!

Come worship as we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the Church!

Guest Preacher: Pastor Hugo Donis of Centro Cristiano Betesda (Iglesia de Dios)
Pentecost Dancers: Members of FCCO, Centro Cristiano Betesda, and friends
The Story: Acts 2:1-21

This is the part of the Christian year where we recall when Jesus was no longer walking this earth, how God sent the Holy Spirit to fill the people, inclusive of age and gender. This celebration, called Pentecost, is considered the birthday of the Church (and we don’t mean the FCCO manifestation of church but rather the Church universal— the Jesus-Movement Church!). So, wear RED (or orange! or yellow!) to symbolize the fire of the Holy Spirit as we proclaim “Happy Birthday, Church!” Come as we celebrate with some of our church neighbors—the oneness we have in a Church that is bigger than ourselves. Praise God!

Church Life: April 2014

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Fill in the Blank!

Dear Congregation,
The theme for Youth Sunday this year is “Who do you say that Jesus is?” In preparation for this, we would like to ask all of you a question. Who do YOU say that Jesus is? If you are willing and would like to answer this for us, please email or leave a note with Pastor Michelle, and it will get passed on to us!

Love, The Youth of FCCO

Church Life: March 2014

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“The Seven Last Days”

Join us on Palm Sunday (April 13) as the Chancel Choir takes us on a journey through the seven last days of Jesus’ earthly existence. Beginning with Palm Sunday, powerful choral music, intermixed with dramatic narrations, will sweep us along with Jesus from his triumphant high as he enters Jerusalem to shouts of “Hosanna,” to his tragic low, brutally hung upon the cross. But the story does not end there as we experience a majestic foreshadowing of the joy and hope to come on Easter!

Please journey with the Chancel Choir, accompanied by chamber orchestra, as they recreate the most dramatic and life changing story ever witnessed in all of history.