Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

–Maya Angelou

Dare to Dream


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  • “Together we will spread the news that God is our land”

  • Honoring the Legacy, Building the Future: Meet Janette Jara

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Dare to Dream

August 13 – Dreaming the Dream

 Adult Study Class   Sundays 8:30 a.m. – Fireside Room

 Read Genesis 28:1-17

I thought it would be fun to shift gears completely and do a study with a popular pastor named Mike Slaughter. He is not particularly progressive but this study challenges us to consider God’s purpose for us.  You may or may not take issue with the idea of a special plan for each of us – but there is enough in this series for fruitful conversation.  I look forward to sharing the journey with you.  There isn’t a handout for the class only Scripture selections for the day.

Pastor Dayna

Remember that you can drop in to any session of the Adult Study class at any time.


Mine to Tell

“Mine to Tell,” is the first place winner in the high school division of Chapman’s Holocaust Art and Writing Contest. Lillia Velau is a 10th-grader from San Juan Capistrano and her entry is based on the video testimony of Holocaust survivor Dr. Sol Messinger.

Go here to read Lillia’s essay.


Student essayist Lillia Velau spends a moment with Holocaust survivor Phil Raucher after the award ceremony for Chapman’s annual Art and Writing Contest. (Photo by Jeanine Hill)



Dinner with Friends

Thanks to your signups, the dinner on Friday August 18 in the Fireside Room is full!  But wait…. there is another dinner offered in August.  On Saturday August 26 there will be another Dinner with Friends offered at the home of Joe & Linda Perring in Newport Beach.  Signups for that dinner will be on the next two Sundays.  There will be more dinners in the fall.  The Elders thank you for your participation!


“Together we will spread the news that God is our land”

 Worship at the General Assembly Tuesday July 11, 2017

 Rev. Virzola Law  Click below to download her sermon.


Rev. Virzola Law is the senior pastor at Lindenwood Christian Church in Memphis, TN and a fourth-generation Disciple.

“…sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the different voices that come from our past—

present—future. How do we assemble these different voices into one message? How do we in

unity toward sharing that message with others.” Rev. Virzola Law


Click here to watch the video.


Honoring the Legacy, Building the Future: Meet Janette Jara

Janette Jara is an exceptional young adult who serves the Region through multiple programs. Janette serves in the Media Ministry and Young Adult Ministry at her home Church of FCC North Hollywood. Regionally she serves on the Board as the Young Adult Representative and as an Adult Leader in the Youth Immersion Ministry. Janette says she feels like she has a true passion for Young Adult Ministry right now because it’s exactly where her life is. She has finished school, is currently building a business, relationships with friends and family, all with the focus on a greater purpose. She feels that in life, she is in a place similar to many young people who need to hear about Gods grace and mercy, and would love to be able to share in the journey with them.

According to Janette, she first got involved in the Pacific Southwest Regional Christian Church by accident. The Youth Minister at FCC North Hollywood asked her if she was available to be an Adult Chaperone for one of our Youth Mission trips. Unfortunately she was not available that week, but said if there were any other opportunities, to let her know. A new opportunity came up and he spoke with her about Loch Leven and that they were looking for some female counselors. Janette said that she had never been to Loch Leven before, but having fond memories of Theater Camp in High School, she was excited to jump at the opportunity. Little did she know how much she would fall in love with not only camp, but the PSWR Region as a whole.

Janette looks at her first camp experience as the perfect start to her relationship with the Region.  “I only knew one other person going into the week,” she says, “and from there made a ton of friends! Not just that, but I also felt like I actually had an impact in the kids lives. I got to work with a very young and diverse group of kids. I felt like I had a great chance at being a role model for them, and also to learn from them.”

In the last two years since her first Camp experience, she has jumped all in and now gets to serve in many ways. Janette feels that in each of these circles, she is welcomed and feels the love of God from complete strangers, and that on its own is really amazing.

In her own words, “I feel like I have a true passion for Young Adult Ministry right now because it’s exactly where my life is! In this kinda weird place where I am already out of school, and building my business, focusing on friends and family, but wanting to do all of it with a purpose. There are many Young people who may be in this same stage in life who need to hear about God’s grace and mercy, and I would love to be able to share this with them!”

Janette says her hope with all of these ministries is that she serves as Jesus did by giving her all and not expecting anything in return. Giving love and respect because it’s what people deserve, not because she wants something from them. Being the first to volunteer for things to be an example for others to get involved, and not for her own glory. Giving from her heart as a caregiver and creating a safe space for the youth to learn and explore and grow in their relationship with Christ.

Janette says, “There are many ways in which people can get involved. We all bring our own amazing talents. For some, it may be getting up to lead in Worship, for others it may be organizing events, others may love to be a Camp Counselor, and still others may have a passion for advocacy. In what ever thing you feel passionate about, there is definitely a place for you to serve!”


The Butter Way

Check out Lindsey Jacobs sermon “The Butter Way” from Sunday August 6.

Go here to get the full text.

Go here to hear the story of The Butter Battle


2nd Annual Don Shelton Memorial Mini Golf Classic

Sunday, September 17

The PSWR Young Adult ministry is so excited to host the mini golf tournament again this year at Camelot Golfland in Anaheim, CA. Cost is $75 for a foursome. We are also opening up sponsorship opportunities for folks again this year to help keep costs low and raise money for young people across the PSWR. Last year we had over 100 people share the fun with friends and family! Mark your calendars to join us again for an afternoon of fun and fundraising!

Click here to register.



Green Chalice Ministry News . . .


Rising Sea Levels Are Affecting Coastal Communities Today

Earlier this month the governing boards of the National Council of Churches and Creation Justice Ministries met together in Norfolk, Virginia, to learn about how rising sea levels are affecting homeowners and churches.

We chose to meet in Norfolk because the reality of rising sea levels and climate change are forcing local churches to take extraordinary measures.  One church has had to sell its building and relocate. Others have spent considerable sums on repairs and regularly alert parishioners when worship services and events must be postponed or cancelled.

Rather than being merely a theory or a problem only affecting someone else, sea level rise is affecting communities right here at home.

Watch this video that vividly describes what church leaders found when they visited Norfolk this month.

–Courtesy of Green Chalice News


Upcoming Events

August Gathering with Disciples Women

Hankering to connect with other ladies in the church? Disciples Women are gathering for lunch on Thursday August 10 at 11:30 a.m. They are meeting at Ruby’s by the Train Depot, 186 N Atchison St (off Chapman Avenue), Orange. Please RSVP with Hazel Stover if you plan to attend.


Back to School Supplies

It’s that time again when students get ready for a new school year. Many local schools now begin in August so we would like to get a start on collecting backpacks and school supplies for students served through the Friendly Center. Beginning Sunday and through August, please donate whatever you can. Look for the bulletin board in the Courtyard Sunday mornings.

Thank you for your generosity.

Christian Action & Outreach


13th Annual PSWR Golf Classic

The 13th Annual PSWR Golf Classic, better known as the Don Shelton Memorial Golf Classic, is around the corner and we are seeking sponsors for this year’s event on September 18. With the help of our sponsors, last year’s golf tournament generated gifts in the amount of $3,500 for each of the six participating ministries, All Peoples Community Center, Disciples Seminary Foundation, DOC Students Program, Chapman University, Eastmont Community Center, Project IMPACT and the Camp and Conference Scholarship Fund of the PSW Regional Church.

Registration no later than Friday September 1. Brochures available here or in the office.

2016 was our best year ever, and we hope to make 2017’s event even more successful.