Help us to bring darkness into the light,

To lift out the pain, the anger,

Where it can be seen for what it is —

The balance-wheel for our vulnerable, aching love.

Put the wild hunger where it belongs,

Within the act of creation,

Crude power that forges a balance

Between hate and love.

Help us to be the always hopeful

Gardeners of the spirit

Who know that without darkness

Nothing comes to birth

As without light

Nothing flowers.

— May Sarton



Hey! Unto you a child is born!


  • A Special Opportunity to Participate in a Ministry of Hope
  • All Church Work Day a Great Success!
  • What is so Unique About Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the PSWR?
  • Advent and Christmas Décor
  • I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left.
  • Magnificat
  • Memory Loss Lecture and Luncheon
  • Green Chalice Ministry Tips


Upcoming Events

“Hey! Unto you a child is born!”

“The Herdmans were absolutely the worst kids in the history of the world.” Join First Christian Church of Orange on Christmas Eve December 24 at 5:30 p.m. as our youth present the story of the how the Herdmans, who have never heard the Christmas story, end up taking over the Christmas pageant. Come and hear the good news.





A Special Opportunity to Participate in a Ministry of Hope

First Christian Church of Orange will start the Family Promise of Orange County year off by being the first hosting congregation for 2018. Starting the afternoon of Sunday, December 31 and ending Sunday morning, January 7, up to four families will be calling our campus “home”. For families in this program, host congregations such as ours provide overnight housing, breakfasts and hot dinners.  Participating congregations commit to hosting 4 times a year, with each stay being seven days.

FCCO volunteers have been signing up for our January host week, but there are still many volunteer time slots that need to be filled. There are a wide variety of jobs to choose from, with different days and times to choose from Even if you are new to the Family Promise program, there will be seasoned veterans there to assist any and all participants.

Dinner Crews provide the evening meal for our families. There will be a main entree person and a second person to provide a side dish and salad. Each two-person crew has the option of setting their nightly meal plans on their own, either preparing food at home and bringing it in ready to go, or using the Fireside kitchen to prepare on-site. The only firm rule is to have food ready for dinner by 6:30, and that is the end of their shift. Dinner crews will be assisted by the Meals Coordinator for each night with details about what to serve and other helpful suggestions.

Evening Hosts spend their shift sharing dinner with our host families and then spend time just hanging out. Their job is to be present to provide whatever assistance families might need, which might be helping a child with homework, playing a game of chess or cards, or just chatting. Evening Host shifts go from 5 to 8:30.

Overnight Hosts/Plus Breakfast are literally just that. Two hosts will start at 8:30 and spend the night on the church campus. Families usually are in their rooms for the night by 9:00, and the Overnight Hosts then are on their own and present in case of any emergency. Previously our overnight hosts brought personal motorhomes onto the back playing field for staying overnight. The other overnight option would be staying on air mattresses in the Fireside Room or Chapel. Set out breakfast and sack lunch items. Tidy Kitchen, put key in office mail slot. Contact Supply person for food needs.

This round also includes a special role to facilitate some New Year’s Eve festivities on Sunday evening.

For those wishing to extend their shift times, volunteers can sign up for back-to-back shifts. There are also shifts available for the first Sunday set-up crew, as well as the second Sunday tear-down crew.

An important note for new volunteers is that there are reimbursements available for all meal items brought in by volunteers. All are welcome to donate food for meals, but depending on how many families we might have, that could get pretty pricey, especially right after the holidays. Everyone wishing to participate can do so, and reimbursements are available for all.

The internet SignUpGenius website is where all of the volunteers’ shifts are listed, and it is where you can see what is available and who is doing what. There are a few ways to accomplish that. First off, one can go right to the FCCO website, and at the bottom of the home page click on the SignUpGenius button. It will take you right to where you can see the Family Promise week. For those that are computer savvy, you can use a direct link by typing in the URL for the activity page, shown below.

And lastly, if all else fails contact the church office who will be glad to help people register and get information they need. Suzanne Vaugine will be the meals coordinator, and she will be contacting each of the meal crews for breakfast and dinner to make sure everyone is good to go.

Family Promise is a wonderful outreach program that assists families overcome homelessness and the challenges that go with that as well. Please take a moment to consider if time or talents are calling you to be part of the volunteer crew.



All Church Work Day a Great Success!

Thanks to all twenty people who helped in various ways. Great turn-out!


What is so Unique About Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the PSWR?

by Rev. Benjamin J. Barlow, PSWR Associate Regional Minister

Recently I was in conversation with one of our General Church leaders who caught me a bit off guard by saying, “The PSWR Youth and Young Adult Ministry is being watched by the larger church. You all are really doing amazing things.” How exciting and scary all at once. This conversation got me thinking about what it is that people might not see about the PSWR Youth and Young Adult Ministry by observing as a spectator.

Here are important points that our entire church should know about our regional youth and young adult ministries: Read More


Advent and Christmas Décor

A big thank you to all of you whose generous donations provided the lovely décor helping to create a festive environment to celebrate the Christmas and Advent season in our sanctuary.


Bea Acken  
Barbara Dreger In memory of my parents, Bob and Thelma Herrick
Diane Francis In memory of Fred O. Francis and in honor of my grandchildren
Della & Jim Gabelsberg  
Louise & Rick Hall In memory of our parents, Harold “Street” Long, Erene Long, George Hall, Edith Hall
Lura & Marc Harper In memory of our mothers: Elsye Harper & Dorla McIntyre
Mary Ida McReynolds  
Joyce Miller In honor of my children: Nancy, Marty, John & Julie
Ellen & Mike Reynolds In honor of our families
Mary Lou Savage In honor of Dr. & Mrs. K.M. Khantamour


I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left.

Adult Study Class   Sundays 8:30 a.m. – Fireside Room

Gather with the Adult Study Class to watch the TED Talk and join in the follow up conversation.



Check out Pastor Dayna’s 1st Sunday of Advent sermon “Magnificat” from Sunday December 4, 2017.

Go here to get the full text.


Memory Loss Lecture and Lunch

Late RSVPs are accepted.



Green Chalice Ministry News . . .

Monthly Energy Production Report for First Christian Church of Orange

Week                                                 Peak Power           Energy Produced

 11/01/2017 – 11/07/2017                      29.7 kW                 843 kWh

11/08/2017 – 11/14/2017                      27.7 kW                 862 kWh

11/15/2017 – 11/21/2017                      25.4 kW                 876 kWh

11/22/2017 – 11/28/2017                      24.6 kW                 957 kWh

11/29/2017 – 11/30/2017                      25.5 kW                 222 kWh

November 2017 Total:                                                  3.76 MWh

Previous Month Total:                                                   5.12 MWh

Year to Date:                                                                59.1 MWh

The Carbon Offset for this month: 2.60 tons. Offsetting the equivalent of: 67 Trees


Upcoming Events

Queer & Affirming Wednesday, December 6 @ 6:30 p.m. Chapel

Q & A, or Queer and Affirming is a new ministry filled with worship, music, fellowship, Bible study, A safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQA+ community and allies to explore spirituality and worship together. Designed to be healing and affirming wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

For more information contact Robert Blair:


Dona Nobis Pacem: A Cantata for Peace

For worship on December 10, the Chancel Choir will present five musical pieces using the Dona nobis pacem text. In addition to an arrangement of the traditional melody, the Choir will sing two renditions by Mozart, a gorgeous version written by Giulio Caccini over four hundred years ago (which has been used in numerous movies and TV shows), as well as a rousing finale by Mozart’s mentor Franz Joseph Haydn.

Interspersed with these anthems, the Choir will read prayers and quotations on the subject of peace to set the mood for the ensuing musical selection.

Please join us on Sunday, December 10 as the Choir highlights Peace Sunday with music and word.

Dean Shepherd


Blue Christmas-A Service of Remembrance & Hope

Sunday December 10 6:30 p.m.

 For those experiencing loneliness, sadness and loss, the Christmas season can be difficult. This simple service is an opportunity to gather together for shared comfort and hope. Even if you are not struggling with the season, consider sharing this time together with someone who is.


Giving Trees

Christmas gifts for the Friendly Center Adopt-A-Family & Skyview School are due no later than December 10th. Please place in the narthex with the gift tags or 5×8 card attached to the gift bag. Blessings, the Christian Action and Outreach Committee


Active Shooter Training

Officer Phillip McMullin will be offering active shooter training to First Christian Church of Orange staff and other interested individuals on Thursday, December 14, at 10:00 -11:00 a.m., in the sanctuary. We may not be able to stop an individual from inflicting harm but Officer McMullin says there are things we can learn and rehearse to better prepare us for the unthinkable.


Notice of Congregational Meeting

The 2017 Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday December 17, 2017 immediately following worship.  The agenda for the meeting will be to approve the 2018 budget, vote on the slate of nominees for elected office and approve the master plan.


Free Calendars!

Come on out this Sunday and next for free calendars. Take as many as you need!  See Ray Harper in the Patio.


Older Adults Ministry Committee (OAMC)

The Older Adults Ministry Committee (OAMC) was established to provide financial assistance and other services for Disciples Seniors. OAMC is a committee of the Disciples Pacific Southwest Region comprised of volunteers from various PSWR congregations.

Financial Assistance

  • Must be a member in good standing of a Disciples of Christ Church
  • Must be age sixty two or older
  • One time funding amount up to $2000
  • Ongoing financial assistance up to $600 monthly for one year (renewable)
  • Assistance with housing at beautiful Westminster Gardens located in Duarte, California.


  • Silver Linings Newsletter
  • Annual Retreat

For more information from the First Christian Church of Orange community, contact Joyce Miller or Dayna Kinkade. For further information, please contact the Regional Office at 626.296.0385 or speak with your Pastor.

AmazonSmile Donations

Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to First Christian Church.