We are called to gather and wait – and not the sit on your duff play with your phone kind of waiting – but the kind that anticipates something new.  We can learn while we wait.  We can become more theologically sophisticated and articulate while we wait.  We can encourage one another.  We learn everything we can about Jesus, learn his stories, listen to his teaching, and walk in his footsteps.  We can feed the hungry. We can welcome the stranger.  We can be a place of compassion with a passion for justice. The church is changing but the mission has not.

And we can pray. And we can encourage one another when we get anxious.  Together we can trust the future God has promised and lean into it – rather than trying to go back to an idealized version of what has been.

Dayna Kinkade



FCCO Members at General Assembly



  • Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate in the Courtyard
  • Special request, help needed!
  • Lego Blocks of Ministry
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FCCO Members at General Assembly

FCCO members with new Disciples of Christ President

General Assembly elects Teresa Hord Owens as first African-American woman to head mainline denomination

INDIANAPOLIS – Rev. Teresa “Terri” Hord Owens was elected Sunday night to serve as the General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada. She is the first African-American to hold this post and the second woman to lead the denomination.

Hord Owens comes to the position in a time of renewed emphasis on the issues of race, particularly in the United States. Her election comes on the 50th anniversary of the Merger Agreement uniting the African-American and largely white branches of the American-born denomination. She is currently pastor of a predominately white congregation in the Chicago area.

“We need to stop demonizing differences as deficiencies,” Hord Owens says. “We should seek to understand, to work through our differences in priorities, opinions, methods, and goals. This will not be easy, but imagine what an example this will be for the world if we can bridge the gaps in politics, identity, geography and theology.”

Hord Owens’ resume includes more than 20 years in corporate America leading diverse teams in data management before she entered seminary. For the last 15 years, she has been the dean of students at the University of Chicago Divinity School, shepherding a varied student body in both background and theology.

The election of Hord Owens follows the 12-year tenure of the Rev. Sharon E. Watkins, who was the first female to lead a mainline denomination in the United States upon her election in 2005. Hord Owens’ term is six years with an option for re-election in 2023 for an additional six-year term.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was born out of the Stone-Campbell Movement, part of the Great Awakening on the American frontier in the early 1800s. The denomination is congregationally governed, meaning each congregation appoints its own leadership and determines its own mission and support. There are 32 regional bodies that support congregations as well as relate to the general ministries of the denomination.

–Disciples New Service




Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate in the Courtyard 

This Sunday, July 16

Fair Trade chocolate companies like the Equal Exchange supply chain is different: they work with small farmer co-operatives in Peru, Panama, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. They pay farmers a fair price for their cacao, which helps them support their families, care for the environment and invest in their futures. They visit their farmer partners often and can verify that no forced child labor was involved in the growing of their cacao. That’s how it should be.

You can help change the face of the chocolate industry and promote a system where all workers are paid a fair price. Your support is appreciated.




Special request, help needed!

The Church’s riding lawnmower is broken beyond repair. Please call Cathy Perring if you have a used one that works or know of someone who does, if you could donate funds to help cover the cost of a new one, or if you can think of another solution short of having Miguel walk the whole lawn to mow it.

Thank you,

Buildings and Grounds Committee



Lego Blocks of Ministry

When we think of Lego blocks many different things come to mind. Some of these might be memories of us building with Legos as a child and the excitement of creating something piece by piece. Some of us remember building tall towers and enjoying knocking them down, or maybe not enjoying our tall towers being knocked down by younger siblings or other children who got great pleasure from destroying our masterpiece. Perhaps Legos are a daily hazard to your feet with young children in your life who never seem to pick up that last piece that somehow always ends up under your foot and causing you excruciating pain. One thing is for sure, Legos are something that have stuck with us.

I have had many experiences with Legos and building blocks. I have enjoyed both playing with them as a child, and now as an adult with my young daughters. My favorite thing to do with Lego blocks however, is to use them as a tool and visual aid. There are so many ways in which you can get creative with blocks, which makes them a perfect tool for ministry.

I was recently invited to install new officers for Disciples Women Ministries at First Christian Church of Torrance. I used big building blocks as the installation process. I wrote words on each side of the block that women leaders need in ministry today. These words ranged from what was expected such as faith, prayer, time, energy, to some things that I believe are sometimes no necessarily seen as necessary for ministry work. Now for some, things like laughter and fun, are not synonymous to Ministry. There are many who might think that fun and laughter are a sign of not taking ministry seriously. Ministry is God’s work, and God’s work is a serious thing. Something to be taken seriously and handled with utmost care as God’s work is holy and sacred.

I wrote those words, along with words like inspiration, courage, passion, new ideas, conviction, silliness, flexibility, love and hope. There are so many different words that come to mind that are not just things we need in ministry, but in our daily lives as the embodiment of Christ’s love here on Earth.  And as I wrote those words I thought about all the ways in which we are called to not only live into these words, but to build with these things. We are called, not only as leaders within the church, but as the very hands and feet of Christ, we are called to build. We are to lay down blocks of foundation for others to build upon. For others to build and reach higher. We are called to be the foundation of love for all, justice for all, peace, respect for one another, and equality. These things may seem basic, but in the times that we are living we need to be the ones setting down and strengthening these foundation blocks.

I asked the outgoing officers to each come forward, take a block with a word that stood out to them, read the word aloud and then to set the block on the table in the front of the room. Each one took a block and set down the foundation. I then had the incoming officers take a block and do the same thing. Read the word aloud and then connect their block to the ones that had been laid before them. They were to build off the work that had been laid before them. They could connect their blocks to go up high, or to reach out wider, but the blocks had to be connected. Once these pieces were all connected, I then had the rest of the women sitting in the room to do the same. The work that we do is not work that we do alone. People who say yes to leading are not the only ones who need to work. This is the one thing that so many churches know to be true. It is not the Pastor alone, it is not the leaders, or the elders, or the deacons, or the Women’s President, it is all of us together. We are all called to be in this work together, both in our churches and beyond our church building, our church parking lot, and out in the world.

We need to build. We need to lay down strong foundations and examples by living into call. Bring all of who you are to your work. Silly poems, storytelling, dancing, music, activism, writing, fundraising … use your talents, be yourself and build! Our world need more laughter, more fun, more creativity, more passion and conviction! What words would you write on the Lego blocks? What do we need to using to build a brighter, more just, and more peaceful tomorrow? Take your Lego blocks and go out lay that foundation, and build on top of it today!

When we all build together, we reach higher and go further. I invite you to play Legos, and to be an active builder.


July News Update by Tanya Lopez, Regional Disciples Women Staff



Green Chalice Ministry News . . .

Monthly Energy Production Report for First Christian Church of Orange

June monthly energy report shows how the system performed and how much was contributed to offsetting the global carbon footprint.


Week                                        Peak Power      Energy Produced

06/01/2017 – 06/07/2017            32.2 kW            1.29 MWh

06/08/2017 – 06/14/2017            33.5 kW            1.54 MWh

06/15/2017 – 06/21/2017            31.7 kW            1.74 MWh

06/22/2017 – 06/28/2017            32.3 kW            1.67 MWh

06/29/2017 – 06/30/2017            32.0 kW            476 kWh

June 2017 Total:                                              6.70 MWh

Previous Month Total:                                       6.28 MWh

Year to Date:                                                    31.4 MWh


 Carbon Offset for this month: 4.63 tons

Offsetting the equivalent of: 119 Trees

Upcoming Events

Summertime Gathering with Disciples Women

Hankering to connect with other ladies in the church? Disciples Women are gathering for lunch on Thursday July 13 at 11:30 a.m. They are meeting at Moreno’s, 4328 E Chapman Ave, Orange. Please RSVP with Hazel Stover if you plan to attend.



Letters for Campers

Our First Christian Church of Orange campers are off to Loch Leven for summer camp continuing through the end of July.  You have an opportunity to be a part of the campers and counselors camp experience.  Remember when you were younger and you received your very own letter?  It was exciting! You can volunteer to send a letter, card or email to a camper or to one of our FCCO counselors by taking a name from the bulletin board in the courtyard on Sunday morning during the next 6 weeks.  Mail and email instructions are included with their names.  Our campers will not forget who remembered them while they were away.  This might be an opportunity for you to get to know someone new by sending an encouraging word, so select a name or two and be a part of this ministry to FCCO campers.



Annual FCCO Scholarship–Scholarship Applications Now Being Received

Applicants for scholarships must be currently enrolled in or entering any accredited college, university, seminary or trade school and must be either FCCO members or participating non-members.  Applicants and prior recipients may reapply every year in which they become eligible.

The Scholarship Information Brochure and applications may be obtained in the church office.  Completed applications must be received by the FCCO Office -Memorials box, by July 19.




Interested in getting to know the person sitting next to you in the pew? Come to dinner at “Food with Friends” sponsored by the Elders, happening August 18th in the Fireside room! Click here to sign-up – details to follow.