While the sage, Honi, was walking along a road, he saw a man planting a carob tree.

Honi asked him, “How long will it take for this tree to bear fruit?”

“Seventy years,” replied the man.

Honi then asked, “Are you so healthy a man that you expect to live that
length of time and eat its fruit?”

The man answered, “I found a fruitful world because my ancestors planted it for me. Likewise I am planting for my children.”

–Babylonian Talmud, Taanit 23a (3rd Century or before)–




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Upcoming Events

Kids Gallery


Sermons & Scripture

Dr. Suess Sermon Series Continues


August 6

Scripture:  Matthew 5:9, Romans 12:18, 14:19

Sermon: The Butter Way — Lindsey Jacobs

 August 13

Scripture:  Psalm 34:8

Sermon: Taste and See! — Pastor Dayna

August 20

Scripture: Proverbs 12:15

Sermon: Stubborn Pride — Pastor Dayna

August 27

Scripture: Acts 10:1-8

Sermon: Bad Dreams — Pastor Dayna



“We Will Walk Hand in Hand”

 Worship at the General Assembly Sunday July 9, 2017 with meditations by:

 Rev. Jae Young Rhee Click here to download Rev. Rhee’s meditation. 2007-GA-5-min-sermon-by-Jae-Young-Rhee-revised-version

 Rev. Dr. Jen Garbin Click here to download Rev. Dr. Garbin’s meditation. ezekiel-unity-garbin-8Jul17-NEW

 Brite Seminary student Henry Brewer-Calvert Click here to download Mr. Calvert’s meditation.Sermon-July-9-2017-

 “We are like pieces of wood held in the hand, with strong fingers of grace, love and peace, justice and wholeness wrapped round to heal and reconcile and restore us… to make us one. This is God’s intention…that we be one. This is God’s gift…that we in all of our beautiful diversity…be one. One body, one church, one people. This is God’s intention that there be a new creation…that all of God’s people be one.” –Rev. Dr Jen Garbin

Go here to watch the Sunday July 9 video. http://ga.disciples.org/worship/



August Gathering with Disciples Women


Hankering to connect with other ladies in the church? Disciples Women are gathering for lunch on Thursday August 10 at 11:30 a.m. They are meeting at Ruby’s by the Train Depot, 186 N Atchison St (off Chapman Avenue), Orange. Please RSVP with Hazel Stover if you plan to attend.



100% Faithful

Check out Rev. Dayna’s sermon “100% Faithful” from Sunday July 23.

Go here to get the full text.

Go here to hear the story of Horton Hatches the Egg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU6z2Rx_I-Y



The Barkada Band Performance at the Filipino Town Festival

Saturday, August 5

Come to the festival to watch the Barkada Band perform in memory of co-founder the late Virgil Dumapias, former Filipino Disciples Christian Church Praise & Worship leader, Board member, community youth leader.

The festival will support not only the band, but all of historic Filipinotown as well as the Filipino Disciples Christian Church.


Green Chalice Ministry News . . .


Introduction to Carbon Neutrality Resolution 1724

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) along with the global community has an unprecedented opportunity as it faces the damages in creation.  I come on behalf of future generations, the most vulnerable among us, and all of God’s Creatures.

Like one of my favorite birds that lives in the cloud forests of Costa Rica.  The Blue Crowned Mot Mot who calls like this “dowrop dowrop”.

We have an Ecological opportunity as this resolution honors the beauty and creativity of God revealed through creatures and ecosystems. “Business as usual” with our changing climate, and environmental degradation demeans God’s good gifts and silences the praises of creation as encountered in Psalm 148.

We have an economic opportunity to increase support for the long term sustainability of the buildings and facilities that our ministries utilize.  But this is not just about Birds, Bottle Nosed Dolphins or Bottom lines. We are called to love our neighbors- People.

We have a loving opportunity to acknowledge that the greatest impacts of our pollution and extraction are often falling on communities of color, indigenous peoples, the sick, and impoverished. And often these vulnerable communities have contributed the least to the problem.  In this transition we also have an opportunity to be thankful and a healing presence for those communities that have benefited and worked tirelessly to bring about the energy innovations of the past.

We have a global opportunity to support our sisters and brothers who are increasingly facing flood, fires and drought.

We have a generational opportunity. To honor our children and grandchildren with a world that is safer, cleaner and more loving…

We have all benefited from the technologies from the past 150 years and it is time to use that same creativity that God gave us to lead onto a new reality that is sound both technologically and theologically.

Some may say that this resolution is very ambitious.  It is more than ambitious. It is a step into a future that is audaciously loving, ridiculously radical like the Christ we follow. We live in a fear-filled time that calls us to be courageous.

We cannot wait “just a little longer”.

We can not wait for a politician, a tech guru, or a business leader.

We are the Body of Christ, Here & Now. It is up to us.

This is our opportunity to live out a legacy of love.

-Rev Scott Hardin-Kneiri,

Associate Minister for Green Chalice


Older Adults Ministry Committee (OAMC)

The Older Adults Ministry Committee (OAMC) was established to provide financial assistance and other services for Disciples Seniors. OAMC is a committee of the Disciples Pacific Southwest Region comprised of volunteers from various PSWR congregations.

Financial Assistance

  • Must be a member in good standing of a Disciples of Christ Church
  • Must be age sixty two or older
  • One time funding amount up to $2000
  • Ongoing financial assistance up to $600 monthly for one year (renewable)
  • Assistance with housing at beautiful Westminster Gardens located in Duarte, California.

For more information from the First Christian Church of Orange community, contact Joyce Miller or Dayna Kinkade.

For further information, please contact the Regional Office at 626.296.0385 or speak with your Pastor.



Upcoming Events


Back to School Supplies

It’s that time again when students get ready for a new school year. Many local schools now begin in August so we would like to get a start on collecting backpacks and school supplies for students served through the Friendly Center. Beginning Sunday and through August, please donate whatever you can. Look for the bulletin board in the Courtyard Sunday mornings.

Thank you for your generosity.

Christian Action & Outreach



Food with Friends

August 18, August 26

The members of the Board of Elders are here to serve you.  So, let them serve you dinner while you become fully acquainted with other members of your church!

You—the community of First Christian Church of Orange—are invited to a free dinner of gourmet food and fine fellowship with the Elders (do not let the title scare you—the “Elders” are not all old people) as your hosts and hostesses.  Called “Food with Friends,” the event will happen Friday August 18 and/or Saturday August 26 depending on the number of guests we will serve.


Where?  The Fireside Room at FCCO

When?  6:30 pm on August 18 and/or August 26 dates to be confirmed with you

How Do I/We Sign Up?   Just follow this weblink or sign up at the table in the patio on Sunday to tells us which date is best for you.