Beloved, you are created in God’s image. When God imagined a world bursting forth with goodness, after God spoke a liberating word which unfurled the universe, when God wondered who will bear the image of holy love and community, God created…you.

Jonathan Gaska

Being Trans



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  • July 4th and…Family Promise
  • Spring Cantata Redux
  • Summertime Gathering with Disciples Women
  • Green Chalice Ministry Tips

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Being Trans – July 2

On Sunday, July 2, Ray Sutton will join Pastor Dayna in presenting a message on being transgender.  Ray Sutton joined First Christian Church of Orange as Rachel, moved to Arizona last year and is in the process of transitioning.  Dayna will offer a brief reflection on a passage of scripture from Acts and Ray will share his story.  Even though FCCO is an “Open and Affirming” congregation, there is still much we can learn to extend God’s love to people who have been targeted for violence and condemned by many expressions of the Christian tradition.  Ray is refreshingly honest and gracious with those who are trying to understand but don’t yet understand what it means to be transgender.  Ray will be available in the Fireside Room following worship to answer questions and share more with those who want to know more.



Sermons & Scripture

 July 2

Scripture:  Acts 8:26-38

Sermon: Being Trans — Pastor Dayna Kinkade


July 9

Scripture:  1 Timothy 4:12-15

Sermon: The Future of the Church — Jim Ruby


Dr. Suess Sermon Series Begins

July 16

Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9

Sermon: Empire Building — Pastor Dayna


July 23

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:58

Sermon: 100% Faithful — Pastor Dayna


July 30

Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34

Sermon: Exploiting Anxiety — Pastor Dayna



July 4th and…Family Promise

Everyone should know by now what great celebrations are coming up next week: July 4th and…FAMILY PROMISE! Our guest families will arrive on our campus this Sunday afternoon July 2. Their stay with us will be only one short week, and they leave the following Sunday morning to go on to their next Hosting Congregation.

Volunteer Positions

There are still a variety of different volunteer shifts that need to be filled to make our Hosting Week a success. Open shifts include Evening Hosts, Overnight Hosts, Breakfast Hosts, and Dinner Prep Crews. Almost every day of the week from July 3 to July 9 has at least one, if not more, shifts available. If you would like to know everything there is to know about what each volunteer role involves, you can read all about them by clicking HERE. FP Jobs_Descriptions   You can also find brief shift descriptions and shift times when you go to register at the SignUpGenius website.


Volunteers can sign up for their shifts online at the SignUpGenius website. You can do that in one of two ways. (1) Use this Church Life newsletter edition by clicking on here:

(2) Use the First Christian Church of Orange website, which has a link for SignUpGenius registrations. Scroll all the way down the FCCO home page ( The link is on the lower right hand side of the page, “Volunteer or Register here…SIGN UP!”

Family Promise of Orange County

Part of a nationwide network, Family Promise of Orange County started in 2012 helping families face the challenge of homelessness. To find out more about how the program works, please visit their website at

Please feel free to contact program coordinator Henry DiRocco or call the Church Office with any questions. Thank you in advance for making this outreach program a success!



Spring Cantata Redux

 Did you miss the Spring Cantata? Want to enjoy it again.  Check out the YouTube link below.


 Summertime Gathering with Disciples Women

Hankering to connect with other ladies in the church? Disciples Women are gathering for lunch on Thursday July 13 at 11:30 a.m. They are meeting at Moreno’s, 4328 E Chapman Ave, Orange. Please RSVP with Hazel Stover if you plan to attend.


Green Chalice Ministry Tips . . .

Reduce food waste. What food waster you do have put in the trash,
not in the water system.

Use less food packaging. Bring your own “doggie bag” container.