Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.— Mahatma Gandhi

Evil, Suffering, & a God of Love


  • Offsetting the Global Carbon Footprint
  • Sunday Night Together Restaurant Fundraiser
  • Time Change Alert
  • Environmental Justice 101: What is Fracking?

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  • Are YOU registered for Chapman Founders Day March 11-12, 2016?
  • It’s Showtime! – Save the Date | March 19, 6:00 p.m., Sanctuary
  • Family Promise Returns
  • The 32nd Annual Great American Write-In Sponsored by WOMEN FOR: ORANGE COUNTY
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Living the Questions 2.0 (LtQ2) | Adult Study Class
Chapter 10 – Evil, Suffering, & a God of Love
Sundays 8:30 a.m. – Fireside Room

Focus for March 12: If God is all-powerful, all-loving, and all-good, how do you explain and respond to the existence of so much suffering and evil in the world?

Remember that you can drop in to any session of the Adult Study class at any time.

Click here to download a copy of Chapter 10. Or get a copy from the office.

Offsetting the Global Carbon Footprint

In November 2016, First Christian Church of Orange went live with our Solar Panel installation. Below is the monthly report of energy produced.

February Energy Production Report for First Christian Church of Orange

Enphase Energy maximizes the solar energy production and keeps us informed about our system. The monthly energy report shows how the system performed and how much we contributed to offsetting the global carbon footprint.

Week                                       Peak Power     Energy Produced
02/01/2017 – 02/07/2017            29.2 kW           666 kWh
02/08/2017 – 02/14/2017            29.8 kW           978 kWh
02/15/2017 – 02/21/2017            28.8 kW           759 kWh
02/22/2017 – 02/28/2017            32.3 kW           1.17 MWh

February 2017 Total:                    3.57 MWh
Previous Month Total:                  1.68 MWh
Year to Date:                               5.25 MWh

The Carbon Offset for this month: 2.47 tons
We have offset the equivalent of: 63 Trees

Sunday Night Together Restaurant Fundraiser

Time for another tasty opportunity to help out Sunday Night Together. On Wednesday March 22 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. head on over to Ruby’s Diner and Streamliner Lounge, 186 North Atchison in Orange. 20% of your participating sales will be donated to Sunday Night Together. Pick up a flyer in the church office.

Time Change Alert

Daylight Savings Time returns this weekend. Remember to turn your clocks ahead by one hour on Saturday night March 11!

Green Chalice News

Environmental Justice 101: What is Fracking?
By Reverend Dr. Sharon Kiesel, Medina, Ohio

Billions of years ago the area occupied by Quebec, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland was once a shallow sea. What remains of it is a sedimentary rock known as shale, which is the source rock for oil and gas formation. The flaky, loose shale layers trap carbon-based chemicals such as methane, butane, propane as well as bacteria, benzene, heavy metals, and radioactive material.  Traditional methods for extracting oil and gas over the last 150 years, known as conventional drilling, involved drilling small wells into pockets trapped underground. As pools of gas became limited, over the last two decades, a controversial unconventional drilling method has been utilized for extraction, known as horizontal drilling with high-volume hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.”  Common in the northeastern US, fracking targets large areas of trapped gas by deploying multiple wells on a single pad and drilling horizontally in all directions. About five million gallons of fluid containing water, sand, chemicals, biocides, friction reducers, acids, scale and corrosion inhibitors is injected into a well at high pressures to fracture the rock so that gas can flow out.  Large ponds are constructed to house either the precious freshwater that will be sacrificed in the process and/or toxic wastewater left after the drilling. The latter can leak, contaminating air, water, and soil. The exact composition of the fluids to be injected is proprietary information and is not often revealed to those whose health might be compromised.  Of grave concern is that this solution comes in contact with surface water and aquifers, due to the failure of steel and cement casings surrounding the well bore. Fracking is a justice issue because it has proven to contaminate God’s good earth and sicken God’s children.

–Courtesy of Green Chalice News

Are YOU registered for Chapman Founders Day March 11-12, 2016?
Chapman University in Orange, CA is holding its 33nd annual Founders Day.  Come join us.

Chapman’s Founders Day is a great way to see the exciting campus for the first time or to reconnect with alumni and friends from other churches.  We hope that Founders Day will strengthen your congregation’s knowledge of scripture and your sense of connection to Chapman University and YOUR amazing students here.

Registration closes on March 12. A full schedule and registration is found online at If you cannot register online, please call the Office of Church Relations at 714.997.6760 for assistance. And we are serious—do not let the cost of registration keep you away. If you need a scholarship, please ask for it!

It’s Showtime! – Save the Date
March 19, 6:00 p.m., Sanctuary

You can find roots of the Variety Show in vaudeville, and even before that in British music hall, and even before that during Shakespeare’s time! It is an evening of acts in a variety of styles – singing, acting, dance, poetry, magic, musicians, and so on. The pace is fast and the mood is light; the aim is to entertain! It’s not all singing, not all funny skits… You’ll be kept on your toes!

An intergenerational Variety Show at First Christian Church of Orange will also support youth and children’s ministries of the church. You might think of this event as being just for kids and parents, but we’re seeking talent of all ages to appeal to an audience of all ages.

We are the whole church together – so, let’s get together for a night of fun to share some talent! Mark your calendar.

Family Promise Returns

The dates are set for our next three Family Promise host weeks in 2017. Our next host week starts on Sunday, April 2 running through Sunday, April 9.

If you have already volunteered for one of our previous two host weeks, y’all c’mon back! If you have not yet been a Family Promise Volunteer, what are you waiting for? In the next few days all three of these host week events will be on the church’s SignUpGenius website. Feel free to register for any shift that strikes your fancy. All three of our Host Weeks will be open for sign-ups; register for as many as you like!

We have printed training materials and willing volunteers ready to help anyone new to learn the ropes. Also, please feel free to contact program coordinator Henry DiRocco or our meals coordinator Suzanne Vaugine. Thank you in advance for making this outreach program a success!

The 32nd Annual Great American Write-In Sponsored by WOMEN FOR: ORANGE COUNTY
Saturday March 18, 2017 9:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m.

Delhi Community Center, 505 E Central Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92707

More than 50 different organizations and advocacy groups will be represented with information regarding some of today’s most vital issues, including education, health care, human and civil rights and the environment. Attendees are invited to visit the various tables and then voice their opinions by writing letters to government and corporate decision-makers in the hopes of bringing about constructive change. There is no cost for this event; Women For: Orange County will supply the post cards, stationery, postage, refreshments and parking. Last year, 300 attendees generated over 2,200 letters and postcards. Plan to bring return address labels.

For more information: Flyer with more details. or