There’s a reason poets often say, ‘Poetry saved my life,’ for often the blank page is the only one listening to the soul’s suffering, the only one registering the story completely, the only one receiving all softly and without condemnation.— Clarissa Pinkola Estes



  • LtQ 2.0 The Myth of Redemptive Violence
  • Good Friday Prayer Vigil
  • Making a Difference
  • Shoe Drive!
  • The More You Know, the Less You Fear
  • Easter Décor
  • Egg and Candy Donations
  • Green Chalice Tips

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  • Family Promise Returns
  • Sunday Night Together Restaurant Fundraiser
  • Home Communion
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Variety Show – This Sunday March 19    Sanctuary – 6:00 p.m.

Join together for an intergenerational evening of entertainment! This is the annual fundraising event for youth and children’s ministries. No admission at the door — Invite friends and neighbors freely! An offering will be collected during the event.

Fundraising Goal: $6,000
These funds will make possible:

  • Training of leaders for a launch to implement an “Our Whole Lives” Sexuality Lifespan Curriculum
  • A week-long learning serving “Work Tour” opportunity for high school youth
  • Summer camp scholarships for kindergarten through high school

Among the evening’s talent:

  • FCCO’s guest flautist Mary Titus and her band – Burden of Groove
  • Some of FCCO’s adult musicians in a new role – as Sesame Street characters
  • Poetry from Sarah Truax and Natasha Corich
  • A premier performance from the FCCO Youth Band
  • Intergenerational acts – like Ali and Tim Ringgold, and Wesley Ruby and Pastor Dayna
  • And more!

Hope to see you there!

Living the Questions 2.0 (LtQ2) | Adult Study Class
Chapter 11 – The Myth of Redemptive Violence
Sundays 8:30 a.m. – Fireside Room

Focus for March 19: The most potent religion in Western culture is not Christianity, but a belief in the redemptive power of violence. Although Jesus inaugurated a new order based on partnership, equality, compassion and nonviolence, his example and teachings have been eclipsed by an emphasis on a human unworthiness that demands and defends the need for Jesus’ violent, suffering, atoning death.

Remember that you can drop in to any session of the Adult Study class at any time.

Click here to download a copy of Chapter 11. Or get a copy from the office.

Prayer Vigil – Good Friday

The Elders are planning a prayer vigil on Good Friday April 14 from noon until 8:00 p.m.  You are invited to pray in the Chapel or off campus.  Sign-ups will start on Sunday the March 19.  Please pick a half hour time slot and/or leave a prayer concern at the sign-up table.

Making a Difference

Equal Exchange Fair Trade items will be available in the Courtyard on Sunday March 19. Your purchases support small-scale farmers across the world. In a recent news article, Equal Exchange stated, “we know that it all begins with the farmers, with their knowledge, dedication and inventiveness — and we believe in strengthening that foundation. That’s why Equal Exchange builds long-term, mutually beneficial trade partnerships with small-scale farmer co-operatives. We know our farmer partners and they know us, creating an atmosphere of trust and transparency: they trust our investment in and support for their livelihoods, and we trust them to uphold our high standards for quality and consistency.”

Please join in supporting this social justice project that not only contributes to small scale farmers and Week of Compassion, but also to the FCCO Youth Fund. Together we can create stronger local communities, a more just food system and a healthier planet.

Shoe Drive!

Skyview Elementary and Middle School is raising money by having a shoe drive through April 20.
Christian Action and Outreach is supporting this event by collecting worn shoes here in the Courtyard on Sundays. Please clean your closets and bring your used shoes to place in the large box in the Courtyard through April 20.

Thank you for participating in this fund raiser!
Christian Action and Outreach Committee

The Orange County Interfaith Network presents…

A three part series bringing together people of all faiths, working to support and protect those who are victims of bias, bullying, hatred, intolerance and injustice. Attendees will be provided with tools and opportunities for community action.

Get your tickets today! Free!

Easter Décor Donations

Help fill the Sanctuary with splendid color to celebrate the glory of Easter. Your donations are tax deductible. Use the special white Easter Décor envelopes found in the bulletin during the next few weeks. Thank you!

Egg and Candy Donations

For the Holy Saturday Pancake Breakfast and Egg Hunt, we welcome your egg and candy donations!  Plastic eggs and individually wrapped candy donations needed through April 9.  If you would like to donate chocolate candies, we ask that they be only fair trade chocolate (available for purchase with Equal Exchange products Sunday, March 19).  Thanks for helping us honor our values considering what we’ve learned about child labor practices in the chocolate industry!

Also, if you’re willing to bring some hard boiled eggs (for coloring) to the breakfast on Saturday, April 15, please contact the church office.  Thanks!

Green Chalice Tips

Find a Better Way to Break the Ice
When a big winter storm heads our way, most of us use some sort of ice melter to treat steps and sidewalks. While this makes the sidewalks safer for people, it may pose a hazard for pets who might ingest these products. Rock salt and salt-based ice-melting products can cause health problems as well as contaminate wells and drinking water. Look for a pet-safe deicer, readily available in many stores.

Use Cotton Swabs with a Paperboard Spindle
Some brands of cotton swabs have a paperboard spindle while others are made of plastic. If 10% of U.S. households switched to a paperboard spindle, the petroleum energy saved per year would be equivalent to over 150,000 gallons of gasoline.

Family Promise Returns

The dates are set for our next three Family Promise host weeks in 2017. Our next host week starts on Sunday, April 2 running through Sunday, April 9.

If you have already volunteered for one of our previous two host weeks, y’all c’mon back! If you have not yet been a Family Promise Volunteer, what are you waiting for? In the next few days all three of these host week events will be on the church’s SignUpGenius website. Feel free to register for any shift that strikes your fancy. All three of our Host Weeks will be open for sign-ups; register for as many as you like!

We have printed training materials and willing volunteers ready to help anyone new to learn the ropes. Also, please feel free to contact program coordinator Henry DiRocco or our meals coordinator Suzanne Vaugine. Thank you in advance for making this outreach program a success!

Sunday Night Together Restaurant Fundraiser

Time for another tasty opportunity to help out Sunday Night Together. On Wednesday March 22 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. head on over to Ruby’s Diner and Streamliner Lounge, 186 North Atchison in Orange. 20% of your participating sales will be donated to Sunday Night Together. Pick up a flyer in the church office.

Home Communion

If you, or someone you know would like to receive home communion, it is available every first Sunday of the month. Please contact the church office. or 714.538.9681.