Sermons by Michelle Harris-Gloyer

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Generating Hope

Hope is trusting that we can and will get through our troubles.
Often it is a gift, like grace. Sometimes it comes in little tiny moments. (And I can honestly say that not every day of my illness had as many God-sightings as the day I just told you about.) Sometimes the hope comes after getting through a troubling time, with the hindsight to know that we did make it through. And if we’re fortunate, we can hold onto some of that hope, to trust that when the next trouble comes our way, we can endure that as well.
The only way through suffering – is through it. And sometimes there is not a clear end. Not the hoped for outcome. Sometimes there is a new way of life, an ongoing process of getting though.

We All Believe Something / Embracing the Doubt

SERMON: “We All Believe Something”/ “Embracing the Doubt” SCRIPTURE: John 20:19-31 So it’s the Sunday after Easter. Easter was glorious, no doubt! And now it’s the Sunday after. Now we gather to practice being Easter People! And it’s nice. But honestly… it’s a little less exciting. There’s no trumpet. Fewer people are gathered. The beauty […]

Travel Tips

I love the disciples of Jesus. One of the main reasons I love the disciples is because they are imperfect. They are notorious for not getting it. Jesus teaches, tells a parable… but his disciples don’t understand. Time after time, those disciples are clueless, they mess up, & Jesus has to have a little sit-down with ‘em & explain everything in detail. I love the disciples of Jesus because I can relate to not getting it. I can relate to not understanding exactly who Jesus was & what he was trying to do. And it’s okay when we mess up & don’t quite get it because we, like those first disciples, are human persons.

Yet, for the disciples in today’s scripture passage, it’s different – the disciples actually get it this time!! Now, later in the same chapter even, they are puzzled with all the loaves of bread that fed thousands from almost nothing, & when they see Jesus walking on water, there’s a bit of freaking out going on (Can you blame them?) – But for these days on this mission, the disciples get it. They get it enough that they go out proclaiming the kin-dom of God, casting out demons, & healing the sick. Now they must have been really inspired & focused in a special way, that this group of ordinary guys would part from their teacher Jesus & experience such success on this mission.