We don’t capture or use any personal information about visitors to our web page.

Members’ addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses will not be published anywhere on the FCCO web site. Members’ addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses may be emailed to members and active visitors by the FCCO staff on request.

The Church Life section of the web page contains the same articles as the printed Church Life, therefore members’ names, church-related activities, concerns and celebrations may be published on the web page.

Email sent to the Senior Pastor goes directly to her email account, and is not accessible to any other church staff or member, and will be held as confidential as is possible with Internet email.

Email sent to using the Church office link, or on any page that has an email link not specifically directed to a person or office at FCCO, is read by the FCCO Administrative Secretary or other office staff, and may be accessed by the webmaster.