What to expect when you visit FCCO….

There is ample parking on the west side of the FCCO campus.  Handicapped parking is available via the entrance on the east side of the building.  You will be greeted in the courtyard and encouraged to wear a name tag.  It is a general practice for everyone to wear nametags each Sunday and permanent nametags are available upon request.

You will notice lots of activity in the courtyard.  Coffee and tea are available.  There is a table where scrip is sold.  Scrip is the word for a variety of debit cards that work like gift cards.  Individuals purchase scrip cards to use for everyday goods and services and a percentage of those purchases come back to the church. On any given Sunday different tables are set up in the courtyard to promote upcoming events and mission opportunities.  You will also notice we have newsletters, flyers, and notices posted on a wall of sliding glass doors adjacent to the courtyard.  Feel free to browse.

When you enter the sanctuary you will be greeted by a greeter and then greeted by an usher who will give you a bulletin.  Sit wherever you like.  You will notice general announcements scrolling on our screen and when the chimes sound outside the service begins with a prelude and the announcements stop scrolling.

You are invited to fill out a visitor/welcome card found in the pew pocket and place it in the offering tray to receive a letter of welcome and to request more information.  You are also welcome to fill out a Celebrations and Concerns card if you have a prayer request to be shared in worship.  Cards are collected right after the congregation stands to greet one another.

You can participate in singing by reading the lyrics on the screen or out of the hymnal/songbook. You are also welcome to receive communion as it is passed down your row.  Everyone is welcome at Christ’s table.

You can relax when you worship at FCCO.  No one is going to make you stand and introduce yourself.  You won’t be asked to wear a “visitor” badge.  You will be warmly greeted. If you are so inclined feel free to introduce yourself to one of our pastors standing at the exits following worship.

Our hope and prayer is that you will leave the FCCO campus uplifted, challenged, and encouraged.  We also hope you will come back again!

What to wear to worship at FCCO…

You will see everything from Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops to suits and ties when you visit FCCO.  There is no dress code.  Your presence is more important than you attire.

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